My MANy Bags News #315

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Below: Attended the Inaugural Singapore Mens Fashion Week last night... and got to have front row seats at the opening show by Boss Black Fall Winter 2011... Bravo!

myMANyBags @ Singapore's Inaugural Mens Fashion Week 2011

Yesterday kickstarts fashion season in Singapore. And what a great way to immerse in all the fashion excitement than to attend the opening show for Singapore's Inaugural Mens Fashion Week 2011. 3rd in the world to host a dedicated male fashion week, the event is a welcome addition for Singapore and even the region's fashion calendar. Boss Black enjoys the honour of being the opening gig for the event... sending many well heeled and dressed ladies and gentlemen attending the show into glamour overdrive.

I had the pleasure of being at the show with my fellow blogger friends. And thanks to gracious and always-fun-to-hang-out-with Bagaholicboy... I got front row seats! Nothing beats the unobstructed view of front row:-) Thanks Alvin!

Below: Philip Huang opened the show last night for Boss Black Fall Winter 2011...

Below: Models at Boss Black Fall Winter 2011 (Singapore's Inaugural Mens Fashion Week 2011)...

Below: Final walk through... male eye candy roll call?

In addition, being invited as media, we all had a great time basking in 'VIP' reserved media-only areas and enjoyed the festivities with delicious canapés and drinks:-) Each of us also got a complimentary pair of Feiyue trainers... quirky combination of white and black on seperate feet.

Here's some pics from the evening. Enjoy Philip Huang in Boss Black Fall Winter 2011 glory... and many many other cute models and cool clothes to drool.

More pics on my Facebook fanpage here. 'LIKE' my fan page if you enjoy reading this post.

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The Material Boy #452

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Below: These are my picks of the best mens shoes for Spring Summer 2011!

Below: I want them all! So what's your picks?

My Top Picks: Best Shoes Of Spring Summer 2011

What are your picks for the BEST mens shoe designs to hit the stores this Spring Summer 2011?

Here's my favourites, the best of the best of the season...

1) Prada Espadrilles Brogues in Tobacco
This pair of shoe needs no introduction. It’s on everyone’s wishlist and every Prada store’s customer wait list. Combining high street style thick rubber soles with elegant classic brogues and adding a touch of summer with espadrilles jute rope trimmings... this is the perfect example of a winning design for hybrid shoes. Quirky without being cheesy, statement making without being overly brash, this shoe is an refreshing twist from all the conventional shoe designs. Good job Prada! I am sure these will help cash in and surpass the 150% higher net profit of 2010 (that WWD just announced) for your next financial year:-P

2) Christian Louboutin Denim Rollerball Spikes
Another hot shoe on every guy’s wish list has to be something from the red soled family of Christian Louboutin. The right combination of grunge and luxury, these ‘over the top’ priced Rollerball Spikes are made even more versatile and appealing with the introduction of SS2011’s denim version. Every man needs his jeans. And every fashion fan worthy to be called stylish needs a pair of these fierce shoes!

3) Jil Sander Leather Derby with Blue Painted Sole
Raf Simons exemplifies the colour blocking trend for Spring Summer 2011 season thru his bold use of colours at Jil Sander. These leather Derby with coloured soles is the shoe every colour blocking fan need to compliment any colourful ensemble! Using almost neon blue (Presumably Yves Klein blue) as an eye poping accent colour, you cannot help but notice the guy who walks his path in these eye catching heels.

4) Dolce & Gabbana Raw Canvas & Leather Lace-ups
If there’s a pair of shoes that can take you from city to resort for this season, Dolce & Gabbana Raw Canvas & Leather Lace-ups is the shoe you must have. Crafted with raw edge (unhemed) canvas and burnished leather, these lace-ups sends off resort chic at its best. The elegant lace up designs also ensures if you ever venture out of your holiday sea-front abode to hit the clubs, you will still look as smart and never lose an inch of your charm.

5) Lanvin Python Trim Buckle Leather Slip-ons
Channel some urban warrior in you with these shoes from Lanvin. Python and croc skin textures with smart trekking details (the fastening buckles) create an unexpected design twist on formal slip-on leather shoes. This is tough luxe at its best!

6) Louis Vuitton Leather Lace-ups with high back panel
Brogues are huge this Spring Summer season. But when you interpret the classic design and make it modern, such as reconfiguring the proportion of the back panel or using different materials for textural interest, an entirely new set of aesthetics is achieved. This Louis Vuitton pair is simply classy and masculine with just the right amount of new ideas to make it a true investment piece. These are shoes that will give your bucks longevity and take you into seasons after seasons of savvy dressing. Love!

I want them all:-)

Share your top picks of footwear. Which shoes are your favourite this Spring Summer 2011 season?

(More drool worthy shoes for SS2011 on my Facebook Fanpage. 'LIKE' my fan page if you enjoy reading this post:-P)

Source: Prada, Christian Louboutin, Jil Sander, Dolce & Gabbana, Lanvin, Louis Vuitton
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The Material Boy #451

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Below: Shoe lust of the day... presenting yet another reason to prolong those baked beans eating days... the new Christian Louboutin Mens Denim Louis Flat Spikes...

Christian Louboutin Mens Denim Louis Flat Spikes

Double the shoe lust! If Christian Louboutin's Denim Rollerball Spikes is enough of a reason to survive on Baked Beans for a few months... how about adding yet another drool worthy
Christian Louboutin Mens Denim Louis Flat Spikes to the temptation? Tightening the belt for six months?!?!? Worth it?

Love the combination of denim and metal studs... the Louis looked even better in this incarnation! More fierce, more statement making... this is one shoe to leave an impression and up your style quotient any day!

Want want want! (Noted in shopping diary... along with more Céline leather cabas and Prada Espadrilles Brogues!!!:-p)

Source: Christian Louboutin
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My MANy Bags Trendspotting #163

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Below: Designers turn to mother naure for inspirations this Spring Summer 2011... Are you ready for juicy and flamboyant prints the likes of Prada, Stella McCartney and Jil Sander?

Below: Menswear are not spared the floral explosion going on this season... Etro and Jil Sander are amongst the many designers offering floral prints for their menswear...

Nature Nurture: Spring Summer 2011 Is All About Nature Inspired!

Designers the likes of Prada, Stella McCartney, Jil Sander, Etro, Akris and many more are turning to Mother Nature for inspirations. Nature inspired prints in the most unexpected and quirky incarnations (on both mens and womens collections) are found all over ready to wear, bags and shoes for Spring Summer 2011. From juicy fruit prints (Stella McCartney) to crazy Baroque Bananas patterns (Prada) to giant neon coloured florals (Jil Sander, D&G and Etro)... the bigger and louder the better!

It's time to appreciate mother nature more now (just look at the looming nuclear crisis happening now in Japan) ... time to get some 'eco chic' going!

Check out my facebook fan page for more nature inspired pieces from Spring Summer 2011. 'LIKE' my fan page if you enjoy reading this post.

Source: Prada, Stella McCartney, Jil Sander, D&G, Etro
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My MANy Bags News #314

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Below: Who attended the Club 21b + Tsumori Chisato Party last night? I had loads of fun! Here's the pics to prove it!

Below: A surprise catwalk presentation by Club 21b... and male models to drool! Love this asian model who is the cutest guy of last evening:-P

Club 21b + Tsumori Chisato Opening Cocktail Party: 25 March 2011

For those of you who attended the Club 21b + Tsumori Chisato Opening Cocktail Party last night, I am sure all of you had loads of fun with all the booze, canapés and lots of fashion to drool!

There is simply so much to take in last night. A well attended event with many guests arriving in full fashion glory, ready to celebrate 2 new retail destinations in Singapore. Tsumori Chisato also organised a spectacular 20th year retrospective exhibition showcasing some of Ms Chisato's most representative work of her career. I love her whimsical use of colours, textures and lots of unexpected themes. Can you imagine a knit top inspired by Piano keys? It's outrageous, but only the Japanese can make it so right!!!

Below: Tsumori Chisato 20th Anniversary Retrospective exhibition is not to be missed! Drop by Forum, The Shopping Mall to see Ms Chisato's whimsical and creative works over the span of her career...

The highlight of the evening however has to be the surprise staging of a catwalk presentation for Club 21b's very avant-garde selection of fashion brands. From Acne to Opening Ceremony to Oliver Theysken's Theory (and many more)... each model struts down the make shift runway around the stores, screaming 'ferocious'! I love this cute Asian hunk of a model's outfit with drapey silhouettes and his 'shopper bag'(See my post on 'Grocery Shopping' style bags) and the coolest haircut ever! There is also a pair of Opening Ceremony ethnic print shorts which beckons me to bring home!

I am happy Club 21b has now expanded to a seperate mens and womens store... so much to choose, so little budget... sob sob.

Check out my facebook fanpage for more pics from last night's events. (Click here) And also some of my coveted fashion pieces which I spotted last night! Do remember to 'LIKE' my fan page if you enjoy reading this post:-)

See you all at the next party!

(Club 21b is located at Unit #01-07, Forum Shopping Mall, while Tsumori Chisato is nearby at Unit #01-31)

Source: Club 21 Global, myMANybags
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My MANy Bags Trendspotting #162

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Below: 'Invasion' of desperate housewives and suburban husbands? Shopping totes like those you get in supermarkets are a new style statement! Céline, Loewe, Jil Sander are all sending shopper totes into the arms of fashion fans all over...

Below: Which is your favourite?

Let's Go Shopping: 'Grocery Shopping' Style Totes

Invasion of 'fashionable' housewives and suburban husbands? Grocery shopping has never been this chic.

From Céline, Dior Homme, Loewe, Jil Sander to Martin Margiela... luxury brands are turning these mundane packing you get in supermarkers to new trend makers. Shopper totes are a new trend in bag designs!

I love the fun take on something so ordinary and turning it into a fashion statement:-P Of course, my favourite has to be Céline's leather cabas, but Jil Sander's bright neon coloured 'Market bags' are also stylishly delectable as well!

Let's start shopping.

(More 'grocery shopping' style totes on my facebook fan page. 'LIKE' my page if you enjoy reading this post:-p)

Source: Céline, Loewe, Dior Homme, Jil Sander, Martin Margiela
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Ad Campaigns And Catalogues #208

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Below: Balenciaga Mens bags are colour crazy this Spring Summer 2011 season!

Below: The canvas and orange travel bags are my favourites! What do you guys think of the new tote and duffel designs (techno meets lego?!?!?)

Balenciaga Spring Summer 2011 Mens Bags

Every season Balenciaga releases a small selection of mens bags. After so many seasons of slapping new colours onto recurring designs, it does get a little weary. However for Spring Summer 2011, I love their introduction of really bright cheerful colours, a splash of attention grabbing hues, to hype up the summer moods.

Those canvas travel bags with orange coloured leather trimmings (I want that travel trolley!) are a delight to behold! The combination of tan canvas with orange is refreshing and tasteful. As for new designs, what do you think of the weird colour blocking duffels and totes with coloured studs? It's a love or hate at first sight I think. I dislike them at first glance, but in a way, they have that techno meets lego charm that can grow into love. But in time... not for the moment.

One things for sure, I love that mimosa coloured iPhone case!

(More pics of Balenciaga's Mens Bags, Shoes and Accessories on my facebook fan page. 'LIKE' my page if you enjoy reading this post:-P)

Source: Balenciaga, Restir
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